Sh Currency Converter

Sh Currency Converter SampleSh Curency Converter is a module for joomla useful if you need to offer a easy to use currency converter. It uses data from yahoo finance. It is totally free.

From version 1.3.0 for joomla 3.+ we have improved the user experiencie by adding search-or-select feature in the currency select fields using the jQuery chosen plugin included in joomla core.

Download Sh Currency Converter 1.2.3 (for joomla 2.5 or greater)

Download Sh Currency Converter 1.3.1 (for joomla 3.0 or greater)

Important: Be sure to set the appropiate method to get currency data. You can choose file_get_contents, which is a native PHP function, or cURL, which is a PHP library that have to be compiled in the PHP instalation of your server. The default value is cURL. If your hosting/server supports the cURL method, I recomend use cURL as it can handle things like timeouts.